Friday Flash 9.28.2012

I teach with my heart
And my soul
and not
With my mouth alone.

~Jaime Escalante

Events this coming week:  October 1-5—Mark Your Calendars!! 

  • 1—Happy Monday of the week before FALL BREAK!!
  • 2—No Office Day (Ms. Hoene with 5th grade all day)
  • 3—CIITS meeting  @ HS @ 4pm; Ms. Dixon’s bridal shower 4pm in media center
  • 4—End of the 1st grading period;  PTO catalog orders due
  • 5—Professional Development (see attached tentative agenda)

Happy Birthday to our October folks:  Kelli Amyx (9th); Judy Nolin (13th); Tyra Nunn (18th ); Lauren Dunn (31st )

Celebrating:  F-O-U-R Days until FALL BREAK!!!  We CAN do it!!!!  We want to officially welcome Kelli Amyx as Ms. Roberts new Instructional Assistant!! 

Nuts & Bolts:

  • Certified evaluation appeals committee teacher reps are Paula Petree and Lisa Harper
  • NCES will participate in the Kentucky Center for School Safety Safe Schools Survey (yeah!)  All 4th and 5th graders were given the survey last week in class along with parent surveys to take home.  As a faculty, we will complete the surveys together on Friday, October 5.  The KCSS team will be on campus on November 8.  More information to come.
  • Please make sure to encourage your class to bring in their fundraising orders on October 4.  There will be a second collection date on October 16.
  • Flipped faculty meeting feedback has been REALLY helpful!  Thank you! 
  • See attached to schedule your formal observation.  It would be helpful to have these calendared this week (observations and post-obs meetings to continue through October and November)

Great Things I Have Noticed…

  • NCES teachers are flexible—MAP schedule and Grandparents week schedule changes prove that NCES can “go with the flow”—so helpful!!
  • NCES teachers hold their students accountable for both academics and behavior!!   
  • NCES students care about their peers!

Response to Intervention:

First RTI meeting is October 15.  At this meeting we will only discuss our Tier 3 students unless there is a Tier 2 student that needs to move (out or to tier 3).    

Summative Assessments:

See dates/time below to review this month’s assessment data (reading/math):

Kindergarten Monday 10.1
1st grade Tuesday, 10.2
3rd grade Monday, 10.1

Standards Based Grading:

I am thinking of offering a book study on the following book:

The link above will take you to some  helpful resources, including a video with the author explaining the premise behind the book.  If you would like to participate, please let me know asap so I can order books and we can set up a schedule for meetings.

I have started a Wiki on the website for some discussion…check it out.

 Remember—grade level rubrics are due by Monday.  I have K and 1st grade thus far.  

BYOD/BYOT—extensions and ideas

Ms. Brewer will be joining NCES for one day a month to lend support in the area of instructional technology.  She will be available for individual support as well as team.  Her first scheduled date is Tuesday, October 23.  Those that have Standard 6 on their growth plan have first “dibs” J

School system in Georgia—BYOT resources—scroll down for links to elementary schools in this district implementing BYOT

Article about a 4th grade teacher in Georgia utilizing BYOT in her classroom.

As the first nine weeks comes to a close, please know that I am in awe at the work you do each day to meet the needs of our students.  I am blessed to be at NCES!!


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