Holiday Edition–Flash and More

With the coming new year, I challenge you to further help our kids develop the habits to become lifelong readers/learners by setting some Reading Resolutions for 2013.  Here is a blog post (from 2011) with an adult perspective to Resolving to Read.  Here is a blog post with some actual student resolutions.  And another one.   Something to think about…

Coming this week…

  • 2nd–Welcome Back and Happy 2013;  Please make sure to review your classroom behavior expectations including the 6P’s.  Most of our kids will remember, but some have completely forgotten…
  • 3rd–Scrubbie Bear Handwashing Program @ 8:45 in the gym thanks for Ms. Jeffries for helping us to remember the importance of proper hand-washing!!
  • 4th–TGIF!!  Wow–that was fast!!  Please make sure ALL grades have been posted in IC.  We will run report cards first thing Monday morning.  Please have 3rd nine week rubrics and syllabus emailed to me when they are complete–by January 11.

Coming up next week:
Report Cards go Home…January 7
Early Release…January 9
Instructional Rounds @ NCES…January 11  (See email attachment for specifics).  3rd quarter rubrics and syllabi due. 

NCES welcomes Ms. Renee Baird as the new instructional assistant in Ms. Miller’s classroom.  And, we also welcome Ms. Trisha Langford, NCES school secretary.   Please make them feel welcomed with your hugs, smiles, helpful words and deeds.

Great Things I Have Noticed…the week before holiday break 🙂

  • Students performing versions of their holiday plays (props and all).
  • Students analyzing their pre/post tests to determine learning progress and then graphing the results.
  • Student centered holiday carols–the Christmas Extraveganza was a huge success!!
  • Students solving math problems using collaboration and technology.
  • Students organizing their own writing folders and reflecting on their writing from the previous school year.
  • Students sequencing events in a story by putting it in their own words and illustrations.
  • NCES teachers and students gathered together to celebrate the sounds of the season and bid farwell to Ms. Shaw.  It was a special occasion.

Response to Intervention:
Next RTI meeting is February 11.  Please have Tier 3 monitoring sheets up to date.

Standards Based Grading and Reporting:
3rd nine weeks rubrics and syllabi need to be emailed to me in the correct format by the end of the day, Friday, January 11.  Please ask if you have any questions.

Updated MAP goals:  as you begin to review the Winter MAP data, please be prepared to meet with Ms. Pohlman and me the week of January 14.  We will look at growth, students who have met the middle of the year RIT and those who continue to struggle. 

Teacher Learning Walks:  Beginning in January.

Watch D.O.G.S–Dads of Great Students!!  With our data pointing to the need for more male role models in our school, we are looking at this program to bring in the Dads of our students to volunteer in several different areas, including reading groups.  More to come…

Blogs, Pins, Tweets…Oh My!!  (new section)  I plan to highlight some finds from my online reading RSS feeds, Pinterest and Twitter:

  1. Here’s a blog post from @LauraKomos who often writes for the Daily Cafe site.  This is her post talking about the progress her class has made each year since she first started teaching with Daily5/Cafe.  Most of our 3rd-4th grader are being exposed to Daily 5/Cafe during Literacy block.
  2. Tweet of the week:  @Joe_Mazza: If you are “grading homework,” you are in a sense grading the home support/lack there of of all of your students #vachat
  3. Excellent website from the National Center for Family Literacy:  Something to learn everyday at Wonderopolis
  4. Bringing the Thinking Strategies into your classroom with Into the Book.  KET has access to the video series for FREE.  Click here.  The student section is also free and will keep track of student progress with each of the strategies.  Very cool!!

I am looking forward to all that 2013 brings for our NCES family. 


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